Our community garden supplies fresh organic produce to the Food Pantry.


411 Broadway St




  • Amy Cavicchia, Coordinator
  • Michael and Heather Henry

The CCDF Garden is a member of Grow Pittsburgh, an urban agricultural program catering to Allegheny County.  Not only does our garden bring together members of our community to develop gardening skills, but the produce grown in the garden goes directly to the CCDF Food Pantry to be used by local families in need.

How you can participate this season:


Routine Maintenance

Lawn mowing, plant watering, weeding... all of these chores can use your TLC.  Most weekends, volunteers will be active behind the garden house tending to the community garden, and they are always happy for extra hands. A little help can go a long way. For more information on any regular upkeep tasks that you would be willing to take on, click here to contact us.


Volunteer Days

Stay tuned in the fall for Harvest Weekend. Growing season is in fully swing. The CCDF Garden Team planted their gardens at the end of May. After a full season of hard work, we will need all hands on deck to harvest all the organic produce for our food pantry.


Plot Adoption Program

This year is our pilot program to encourage greater neighborhood participation in the community garden. Five local groups will be tending to a section of the garden this season!

  • Ladies and Littles
  • Girl Scout Troop #55244
  • Daisy Troop #16346
  • Cub Scout Pack #333 Wolf Den
  • Local Day School

The “Adopt a Plot” project is designed to bring the community into our community's garden. It will teach children that with a seed, you can feed those in need in our community.

Starting in May, the 5 groups began gardening a plot of land. After initial planting, each group will grow, water, maintain, and harvest, fruits, vegetables and herbs. The majority of the harvest will go to the CCDF’s food pantry, located at 1000 5th Avenue in Coraopolis.

Keep up-to-date with garden volunteer dates by following our Events tab!