To serve the community of Coraopolis PA, encouraging and assisting in renewal through community service and development projects, providing relief, resources and redevelopment.

Emergency Relief

Provides aid to individuals and families experiencing a crisis situation.

Community Resourcing

Equips members of the community with tools to improve their living situations.

Community Redevelopment

Creates partnerships with organizations to enhance the common life of Coraopolis.


We do not represent or endorse a particular political party or ideology.

We do not require of our leadership or staff, the acceptance of, or affiliation with a particular religious system.

We do however recognize that, having been established as the service arm of the Charis247 community, the corporate identity organized as the CCDF is to act, in all programs and policies, consistent with Christian ethics as understood and held by the leadership of Charis247.

We affirm the principals given in the discourse commonly known as the Sermon on the Mount, and understand the reality they describe to inform, evaluate and authenticate all that we do.

We believe that responsible stewardship of the programs and resources entrusted to us does not exclude the willingness to take appropriate risks when necessary to further the work of the foundation.

Community Service

We believe that, though individual behavior may seem to contradict this, each person is a manifestation of the sacredness of human life, inherently possessing both dignity and value and, therefore, the capability of uniquely contributing to the common good,

We believe that a healthy society will not neglect the care of its least fortunate members, but that care must be ordered so as to require, enable, and assist with continued movement towards self-sufficiency.

We do not impose, nor require the acceptance of a particular religious belief of those we serve.

Community Development and Activism

We believe that community economic revitalization and sustainability are vital, yet must not be achieved at the expense of the common values of truth, beauty or justice.

We believe that community advocacy and action should not be pursued in ways that are combative or that attempt to achieve goals through power rather than persuasion.

We believe that the flourishing of the community will mean an increase in peace, demonstrated through inter-connectedness and the encouraging of inclusive and compassionate relationships, and that justice requires that all have an equal opportunity to realize their full potential and achieve the common good.