There are so many ways you can give! You can make a general donation and help us power our service centers, keeping the lights on for our volunteers and the people we serve. Or, you can earmark your donation to support the program that most inspires you !If you want to ensure we continue to help those in need in the Coraopolis area, you can commit to regular donations, becoming a sustaining donor. No matter how you choose to give, all contributions are tax-deductible.

Make a General Donation

By making a general contribution, you empower us to continue all the great work that we do and apply your donation to the service area that has the most need.


...or you can mail a check! 

All checks should be made payable to the CCDF, and can be mailed to us at:

PO Box 40
Coraopolis, PA 15108

Designated Donations

Our volunteers all have something in common: they love helping people. And our donors are just as passionate! If you are inspired to earmark your Paypal donation dollars to go directly one of our key ongoing projects, you can do this by clicking on the donate button next to the program listed below.


Donate to the Food Pantry

Nobody in Coraopolis should have to go hungry. By making a donation to our food pantry, your dollars will buy food for families living in the 15108 area code.

Food Pantry

Donate to the Train Station

By giving to the train station project, you invest in the future of Coroaopolis by protecting the town's most important historical landmark and creating a community center which will provide essential job skills to your neighbors.

Train Station Project

Become a Regular Sustaining Donor

Coraopolis needs leaders: people like you who aren't afraid to commit to a sustainable vision of growth for our town. Part of that vision is being able to rely on partners who commit to a regular giving plan. You can set up regular donations on Paypal or through workplace giving. All contributions are tax-deductible.

United Way Deductions

If your employer participates in a workplace giving program with the United Way, you can choose to have the United Way deduct regular pre-tax amounts from your paycheck directly to the charity or charities of your choice. That includes the CCDF!

  • General Donations, United Way #10714715: Our United Way number to give to our general operating account is 10714715. At a basic level, your donation will help us pay rent, keep the lights on, and make sure our facilities stay heated. It will also allow us to allocate funds to the program area experiencing the most need.

  • Food Pantry, United Way #12621629: If you would like your United Way contribution to go directly to our Food Pantry, we have a separate number to allow you to earmark your gift: 12621629.